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Yes, this is a completely FREE Service. I get paid a commission thru the apartment communities when you lease a place! The rent price doesn’t change just because you used a locator and it will always be 100% FREE SERVICE no matter what ends up happening. Some apartment communities choose to spend their marketing budget on Apartment locators to fill their vacancies rather than advertise on popular listing sites like, Zillow or even Craigslist giving us the best selection on apartments, guaranteed! Also they for sure aren’t putting their qualifying criteria anywhere in the listing which makes it difficult to know if you even qualify without paying hundreds of dollars!

The Main benefit of using a locator is you get pre-qualified before you spend any money on application fees. Weather its Bad Credit, A Broken Lease/Eviction, Breed Restrictions or Needing to stay in a certain area/price range, we have options! PLUS I PAY YOUR APPLICATION FEE! 

Simply tell me what you are looking for & I make a list of every option that matches your criteria so you can narrow it down to the best ones, then we go check them out! We can do everything virtual (If you are ok making a decision with just virtual tours) or in person, whatever fits your schedule!

If you are worried about getting denied for Bad Credit, Past Broken Lease/Eviction or Breed Restrictions I know places that will approve you, GUARANTEED! 

You can get started by texting (512)676-0490 or by clicking the big “GET STARTED” button below. Once again it is 100% FREE SERVICE so the possibilities are endless! If you already gave me your info then no need to fill this out again.

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